LDMLFN Flood Claim - FAQs
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May. 22, 2017

The First Nation has prepared this document which contains some recently asked questions by its members and the corresponding answers to those questions.

Question: Will the flood claim settlement monies have any effect on individuals who currently collect (ODSP) - Ontario Disability Services Program or (OW) - Ontario Works?

Answer: We have researched this and feel that these monies are not considered income and should not be clawed back. We also believe that the initial settlement monies should be deemed non-taxable. However, it is our understanding that any interest that is earned on these initial monies will be considered income for the purposes of ODSP and income tax.

While both programs provide that the funds received by Ontario and Canada pursuant to a land claim settlement agreement

a) will not be considered when assessing assets; or,

b) will not be considered income for the purposes of eligibility or calculating the amount of assistance an applicant may receive; it is advisable that these funds should be reported to the appropriate supervising entity so as not to jeopardize future eligibility.

This is left to the discretion and responsibility of each member who may be on one of the above programs. Any individual who is a recipient under one of these benefit programs and who is concerned about the impact of the settlement monies, may want to consider getting independent legal advice, and consider discussing the matter with their benefits provider. This is solely up to the individual.

Question: How much is it costing the First Nation to get the flood claim monies earlier for their members? Is there interest that the FN has to pay the bank to provide this bridge loan?

Answer: Your Chief and Council acknowledge and understand that our people have been patiently waiting for this Settlement Agreement to come to an end. It has been an exhausting process with many delays directly resulting from the large bureaucracies of both Ontario and Canada, along with their multiple layers of policies and procedures that they must adhere to. We have done our best to work within these confines and push ahead.

As mentioned in previous communications, we were looking into options regarding financial arrangements whereby the First Nation would be able to disburse the “member’s portions” first, so that our members would not have to wait. We have since discussed this option with the members of our Elders Council, and they were in unanimous agreement with Chief and Council, to go ahead with the bridge financing.

Please keep in mind we are only bridge financing the “member’s portion.”’ We believe that our members have waited long enough, and the interest charge that the First Nation will have to pay on the bridged amount, is well worth the enjoyment and satisfaction that our members will experience once they have the monies deposited into their accounts.

The First Nation will wait the mandatory 45 days, after the Settlement Agreement has been signed off by all parties, for the remaining monies.

Banking Information - If you have provided the Band Administration office with your up-to-date banking information, along with the required identification, we are optimistic that the member’s portions will be deposited with relative ease. We have had some members send in their banking information but not include their valid identification. This is a requirement of the banking institution to ensure your identity is confirmed. Please contact either Honey Chicago or Jackie Peters if this applies to you. If the information is not complete, we cannot process the deposit. If you have not done so, please take the time to send in your information today. If you changed your banking information, and have not notified us, the First Nation cannot be held responsible, and will deposit the monies into the account that you have specified as being active and in your name (as verified by your identification documents.)


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