LDMLFN Flood Claim FAQ- 2
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Mar. 1, 2017

The First Nation has prepared this document which contains some recently asked questions by its members and the corresponding answers to those questions.  

Question:      I received my Referendum Package regarding the Settlement Agreement.  What am I actually voting on? 

Answer:         The First Nation has always maintained and communicated to its membership that once the Settlement Agreement had been initialed by the three parties, then the members would be able to vote on whether to accept or not accept the offer for compensation from Canada and Ontario.  This is what the Referendum Vote is all about.  Members must ask themselves the question, “Do I accept or not accept the compensation amount that is being offered to the First Nation for past damages related to flooding on Lac des Mille Lacs - Reserve 22A1, and the one-time lump sum compensation for the future use of our lands pursuant to terms and conditions of the Easement Agreement?” 

 Question:      Where does it say what the distribution amounts will be?  I was present at the “Members Only” Meeting in Thunder Bay in June 2016 where this was discussed. 

Answer:         The Referendum Package is governed by AANDC’s regulations and processes.  The governments of Canada and Ontario cannot dictate and will not get involved in how the settlement monies are distributed or expended.

Note:  Your Chief and Council have previously, unanimously agreed on a per capita distribution amount to each member.  This amount remains the same as presented to the membership in June 2016. 

 Question:      What documents exist that confirms the decision to distribute a per capita amount to the membership? 

 Answer:         Your Chief and Council have signed off on a BCR – Band Council Resolution, which is an official and legal document of the First Nation, fully recognized as such by all levels of governments.  Note: “Confidential to Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation members only” This BCR has been attached to verify the decision made that our members are to receive the previously presented amount, per capita, pending ratification of the Referendum Vote.

Question:      There is a “Members Only Information Meeting” to be held on March 8th 2017 in Thunder Bay.  I cannot attend as I live in a different city.  What is the purpose of this meeting?  Can I get minutes from this meeting?

 Answer:         This “Information Meeting” is a requirement of the Referendum regulations.  The purpose is to provide our membership with an opportunity to go over the Settlement Agreement and to ask any questions that they may have.  For those who cannot physically attend, the opportunity is given to either email or call one of the professional personnel listed in your Referendum documents.  Should you have any questions, they will be pleased to provide you with answers at that time.  As this meeting is scheduled to be a question and answer type forum, there will not be any minutes taken. 

 Question:      Where can I go to receive correct information on the Referendum and its processes?  There are some sites where members, non-members, and the general public have access to (i.e. Facebook pages) that contain confusing information.  

Answer:         There are a number of professional contacts that you can utilize in order to have your questions answered correctly.  The names and contact information are listed in your Referendum Packages. 

 Important Reminder:            While we understand that some of our members enjoy utilizing social media, it is strongly recommended that if you are searching for the correct answer to your question on any matter regarding the First Nation, it is best and advisable to visit our own website at http://www.lacdesmillelacsfirstnation.ca

This will ensure that you have the most up to date and correct information.  Relying on other social media sites where information may be wrong or misleading, can produce potentially undesirable outcomes.

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