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Boozhoo!  Welcome to the official website of the Community and Government of the Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation.  We are pleased to announce the launching of the "official website" for our People, and for the world to better see what our First Nation is about and stands for.  This allows for all to view the positive, forward movement and progress being made by our First Nation. 

As our membership is spread across Canada and the United States, effective communication has sometimes been challenging.  It is our intention to improve communication within our membership by providing more timely updates via the internet and this site.  We also hope that this tool will provide a better avenue whereby the First Nation can receive more feedback from our membership.  As we all know, social media sites such as facebook are popular, but they sometimes contain misleading and incorrect information.  We trust that the information contained in our official site is accurate, up-to-date and portrays the actual state and directives of the First Nation. 

An integral part of the First Nation's vision centres around the redevelopment of the Community on Reserve 22A1.  We have made great strides in doing so with the building of our beautiful Roundhouse, Community Cultural Centre and surrounding outdoor areas.  We have started with an excellent foundation for our Community and set a high standard in all that we do as a First Nation.

Our people have an undefeatable spirit.  After decades of flooding and the forced abandonment off our lands, we are still here today.  "We, the Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation are a progressive, proactive and financially responsible Community with proud, united and self-driven members who embrace their culture and are committed to re-establishing their physical and spiritual connection to our lands."

For your viewing pleasure and to keep our membership better informed, please visit our Picture Galleries.  It is said that "a picture paints a thousand words."  In these galleries/pictures, you will be able to see for yourself some of the programs, initiatives and developments that are occurring at our First Nation and with our People.

Should you wish to speak with me on any of the above, I would be pleased to either personally meet with you, or call you at your convenience.  We have come a long way in a relatively short period of time.  On behalf of my Council and Administration I would like to say Chi Miigwetch for your support as we continue to walk the good path that our Creator has set us on.

Respectfully,  Chief Whitecloud 

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