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May. 16

COMMUNIQUE To: Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation Membership From: Chief and Council Date: May 16, 2017 THUNDER BAY, ON— Boozhoo Members! Your Chief and Council would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on where we are regarding the signing off of the Settlement Agreement documents. Firstly, we would like to say that significant progress has been made to date! Regrettably, we still have to contend with both Ontario and Canada’s internal processes, and as we are all aware, they can be quite extensive and time consuming. Your Chief and Council have signed off on all of the Settlement Agreement documents. They were then sent to Ontario. ...

May. 4

We are pleased to announce we will be hosting our 10th Annual Return to Our Lands Powwow on June 16, 17, 18, 2017 at Savanne River Resort.  We hope to see you all there!  If you require more information, Please contact: Mike Ignace - Community Wellness Worker (807)622-9835 Ext 231 or            

Apr. 18

  SP100 Crew Member 5-Day Training Course For Treaty 3 Members Co-hosted by Grand Council Treaty #3 and MNRF Registration Opens June 21, 2017 Tentative Start Date: August 21, 2017 Location: TBA   Only 32 Spots!Serious Applicants Only.Must be 18 years or older and physically fit.   For More Details and to Register Please Contact: Kristie DuncanResource SpecialistTerritorial Planning UnitGrand Council Treaty #3Phone: 807-548-4214 ext. 219Email:    

Apr. 12

LDMLFN Flood Claim - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers  The First Nation has prepared this document which contains some recently asked questions by its members and the corresponding answers to those questions.    Question:      The LDMLFN members voted in favor of accepting the Settlement Offer. What does that mean? Answer:         The First Nation is excited for its membership as the members overwhelmingly demonstrated their support by voting, almost unanimously, to accept the Settlement Offer.  This is virtually unprecedented in terms of obtaining such a high percentage of ...

Apr. 5

COMMUNIQUE                                      To:       Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation Membership From:   Chief and Council Date:    April 5, 2017 THUNDER BAY, ON— The Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation Chief and Council is very pleased and excited to announce that their Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of accepting the Settlement offer, from Canada and Ontario, for their flood claim on Reserve 22A1.  This ...

Mar. 1

To: Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation Members  From: Chief and Council  *Please note: A hard copy of this communique will be mailed out to Band Members along with the confidential attachments it references that cannot be posted on the website.  Boozhoo to our members and families!  What an exciting time this is for our First Nation as the Referendum Process for our Flood Claim Settlement in now underway. Your Chief and Council have prepared a second FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for your convenience and to provide answers to their members in a timely fashion.  We believe that in order to maintain good communication and to achieve ...

Mar. 1

The First Nation has prepared this document which contains some recently asked questions by its members and the corresponding answers to those questions.   Question:      I received my Referendum Package regarding the Settlement Agreement.  What am I actually voting on?  Answer:         The First Nation has always maintained and communicated to its membership that once the Settlement Agreement had been initialed by the three parties, then the members would be able to vote on whether to accept or not accept the offer for compensation from Canada and Ontario.  This is what the ...

Feb. 27

The February 2017 newsletter has been posted.  To view, please visit the "Newsletters" page under the heading "Community" or by clicking here

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